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  • Chia Seed Black
  • Chia Seed Black

Chia Seed Black

Per 250 gm

Product details
  • Chia Seeds are Rich in Calcium: Strengthen your bones and muscles with Calcium-rich Chia Seeds
  • Improves your Heart Health: Omega Fats are the healthy fats available in the chai seeds that your body requires for reducing cholesterol levels and protecting heart health.
  • A Good Diet Snack: Fiber not only helps in weight management, but fiber-rich chia seeds can also be helpful in improving digestion.
  • A Good Immunity Booster: One of the most important nutrients required for boosting immunity is antioxidants. Daily consumption of 1 teaspoon of chia seeds mixed with water can help in boosting your immunity.
  • These are Low in Calories: Chia seeds for eating are low in calories and cholesterol which can help in lowering blood sugar levels and preventing sugar spikes.
  • Contains Prebiotics: Chia seeds are high in fiber which acts like a prebiotic, that promotes the growth of good bacteria, thus improving the gut health


  • Flavor: Plain
  • Brand: Pink N Choose
  • Allergen Information: Allergen-Free
  • Form: Seed

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